Arlington TX Armadillo Control

About Armadillos: This curious animal, the Nine-Banded Armadillo, loves to dig up yards and flowerbeds in search of worms and grubs. They also often dig large burrows next to homes.

We are experts at armadillo control and removal from private homes and properties. We excel at both Arlington armadillo trapping and prevention. We are not a armadillo exterminator company, but we use techniques such as humane live trapping, prevention, and exclusion to solve your Arlington / Fort Worth armadillo problem permanently. We boast a 98% success rate, the highest in the industry, and are voted the Arlington / Fort Worth area's top wildlife animal control company. Give us a call at 817-717-3606 and we will take care of your armadillo issue for good.

About Us: All Animal Control in Arlington and Fort Worth TX is a full-service, licensed and insured nuisance wildlife control company. We solve conflicts between people and Texas' wildlife. We are considered the best wildlife control company in the Dallas area, and our rates are not only competitive, but well below the average for the area. We are a small, owner-operated company, and we don't have the overhead of the big companies. Also, unlike the larger companies, we do our own work (not some underpaid and careless employee) and we take great pride in our work. Give us a call to discuss your Arlington armadillo removal project, and we will give you a price quote on the phone, and schedule a same-day or next day appointment at your convenience.

Arlington Armadillo Email:

Hi David, We have an armadillo burrow under the house, and I am concerned that it may affect the foundation. I would like to have the animal removed and relocated (if possible). I would also like suggestions on how to prevent new 'dillos from reoccupation of the burrow. Do you service the Fort Worth TX area? We are located ~1/4mi south of 528, just West of Narcoossee Rd. Please let me know if you service our area, and are available. Thanks Layton

To Animal Control I am writing to inform you regarding the property owner who has 2 armadillos she owns she allows these armadillos to roam through the neighborhood getting onto cars that belong to other people they urinate and defecate in various areas. This problem been going on for over two years now, and the owner refuses to do anything about it, she gets angry when she is confronted about her armadillos. Being that our neighborhood residents are fed up with these issues we have given her more than ample time to take care of this matter we feel it is now time to contact you. The previous owner of these armadillos were once owned by Beverly in Fort Worth TX. She gave both armadillos to the new owner Bonnie, the owner gave these 2 armadillos to her 2 years ago, the prior owner of these armadillos has relinquish all rights to these armadillos the new owner has not registered these armadillos. She needs to keep her armadillos under control or they should be taken away from her or she should be fined not only for failing to register these armadillos in her name, but for not adequately controlling the wandering armadillos that causes much destruction which infuriates the neighbors. Thank you Clarissa

Visit the Arlington Wildlife Control home page or the Tarrant County Animal Control page for more information.