Critter Trapping in Arlington Texas, Fort Worth TX

We provide professional wildlife trapping services in Arlington and Forth Worth Texas. We humanely trap critters in cage traps and relocate them away from your property, at least 10 miles from the capture site. When possible, we perform other measures to prevent wildlife problems, such as sealing your house so that animals can't get in, but when you have a critter problem outside, often the only solution is wild animal trapping services.

How to get a critter out of your attic I love my home. When myself and my wife moved in we were thrilled. It was one of the best days of our lives for sure. It was the perfect location, looked just like we wanted, and had all the amenities that made it our true dream house. We simply could not have asked for anything better than what we got. We had lived there for about two years when we first noticed it. While we slept at night we could hear an odd rustling from our attic area. It wasn’t constant, but it happened regularly enough. After a while the rustling got louder and more frequent. One day I was talking to my neighbor about it when he pointed out to me that we might have a possum in our attic. I took a look by the vent outside and could see that there was a small crack there, but large enough for a possum to get through. Later in the day I opened up the panel that let me stick my head into the attic. The smell alone let me know I had a guest and he wasn’t a necessarily clean one at that. My wife and I were horrified. What would we do to get rid of these creatures? We knew that they were major trouble makers. They had already probably destroyed my insulation, and I could be sure that there was waste everywhere. Ahh, I was horrified, and knew we had to trap these critters.

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Some Customer Emails:

Hi, I was looking online for solutions to raccoon problems (how easy it would be to kill a raccoon one on one!!) and I stumbled upon your web site. I have a cat that likes to go outside at night, and I have seen a raccoon just watching my cat. I am worried that it will attack her. When I come outside, the light comes on and the raccoon runs off, but I am worried that it will attack her. The raccoon looks to be around 15 or 20 pounds; what I am asking is, if it comes down to me having to do this, do you think it would be possible for me to take down this raccoon without getting seriously hurt? Please email me back when you get the chance. Thanks. ~Dave.
Hello, I am having a squirrel problem in my attic. There must be a small hole somewhere in the roof, but I cannot see it. I live in Rowlett and my property is on the greenbelt that borders Lake Ray Hubbard. I need help in removing the squirrels in my attic. Is it better to fix the roof first or remove the squirrels first? Could you please let me know about your service including cost? Regards, Nancy
I have a question, i have small dogs and recently there has been a really BIG hawk flying around, is it safe to have my dogs outside?
I have lived in this area for 20+ years. There are now dear here. Could it be possible a mountain lion could be here too? It is a very…very low growl. And it is very loud. I am in a rented house now in a vineyard…is that too far fetched? If you can, please let me know. We are now hearing it every night. Thank you in advance. Carrie
Man i got bats living in my chimney and i don't want to hurt them but they got to go. any good ideas on a way to get them out without harming them or costing me any money. thanks mark, awesome pics
I recently discovered I have a ground hog in my back yard that has nested under my shed. How would or should I take care of removal of the animal without danger to myself or the animal. If you charge or can put me in touch with someone that could take care of this I would appreciate any thoughts you may have to help solve my problem. If you think I could trap it safely please advise me also. Brian

While the thoughts of its remnants were very troubling, I still need to focus on the task at hand. How was I going to get rid of this animal that was ruining my dream? I simply could not let it stay there. It was not safe for my wife, myself or our dog for it to be there. But what should I do? I sought the advice of a few friends who had these difficulties themselves. They gave me some great plans that worked quite well. They first pointed out to me that these are nocturnal animals, so they will be asleep all day long in my attic. Trying to get rid of them during the day was not a good plan. They then told me that I was going to need to find out how many opossums were living in my home. The battle plan changed greatly depending upon the number involved. I checked during the day the next day and found that it looked like there was just one there. That was welcome news at least. Their first suggestion for me was to wait until the thing left and watch for it. After it left go and quickly put up a piece of metal and seal the opening where it was going into my attic. I needed to be quick so it would not return while I was working. The next night I waited but never saw the creature leave. It may have, but I never saw it, and it was troubling that maybe it did not go out every day. This would not do. Scaring it out was the next suggestion given to me, and it was a great idea. They explained that opossums want to be out when it is dark. They are like the Dracula of the marsupials. If I made the attic a bad place for it to be because it was too bright it would run away. Then I could close the opening and keep it out. This sounded like a great plan. Another good plan is Fort Worth critter trapping to actually catch the animal in a cage trap and remove it. Just before dark I got a big light and my boom box. I put in the most irritating music I could find (I figured that if it was horrible to me it surely had to be so to a possum as well – so I put in talk show radio to scare away a possum). As it started to get dark I opened up the lid to the attic and slowly put the giant light and bomb box into the attic. A few moments later I cranked on the light and started blaring the Beiber. The noise completely startled the little critter, but that light was just too much for it. It shined down on the creature like the sun was directly on it. The possum got up and ran around for a few seconds, looking quite disoriented as to what to do. Clearly there was no place in the attic for it to hide, so it did the next best thing – it ran to the hole near the vent and out it went. I quickly ran outside and grabbed my piece of metal and screwed it into the wall. I had won. I went back to implement a more permanent option a few days later and could see it was trying to get in but had not success. That made me happy. The possum was gone and he would not be returning. Visit the Arlington Wildlife Control home page or the Tarrant County Animal Control page for more information.