Arlington TX Opossum Control

About Opossums: These critters are marsupials, and carry their young in a pouch, then on their back. They are nomadic scavengers, but they often choose to live under a shed or deck of a home.

We are experts at opossum control and removal from private homes and properties. We excel at both Arlington opossum trapping and prevention. We are not a opossum exterminator company, but we use techniques such as humane live trapping, prevention, and exclusion to solve your Arlington / Fort Worth possum problem permanently. We boast a 98% success rate, the highest in the industry, and are voted the Arlington / Fort Worth area's top wildlife animal control company. Give us a call at 817-717-3606 and we will take care of your opossum issue for good.

About Us: All Animal Control in Arlington and Fort Worth TX is a full-service, licensed and insured nuisance wildlife control company. We solve conflicts between people and Texas' wildlife. We are considered the best wildlife control company in the Dallas area, and our rates are not only competitive, but well below the average for the area. We are a small, owner-operated company, and we don't have the overhead of the big companies. Also, unlike the larger companies, we do our own work (not some underpaid and careless employee) and we take great pride in our work. Give us a call to discuss your Arlington possum removal project, and we will give you a price quote on the phone, and schedule a same-day or next day appointment at your convenience.

Arlington Opossum Email:

Steve, I need to remove a colony of opossums comprised of a few handled ones but mostly wild which are fed in the garage/washroom. I just got an update on what the population really is - not as big as it was when were there in March. There about 10 adults, some of which can be handled and picked up. Some of the adults are wild and will have to be trapped. There are a variety of kittens, most of which can be picked up, but some of them will need to be trapped. Thanks for all your good info on what may be involved in removing the "infestation". My Mother lives on a 40-acre ranch a few miles southwest of Fort Worth TX. The nearest houses are close on 1 side and 100 yards away on the other side. No one lives close behind her or across the street. She feeds the opossums outside in a work room in the garage several times each day with a lot of canned food backed by dry food always available. That draws a lot of transients, wilds, etc. just to eat. If any of the neighbors miss their opossums, then they can go to the SPCA or wherever to get them, but they ALL need to go except for 1-2 actual pets which my Mother will pick out, and which we will separate and protect. The neighbors will not be a problem. My wife and I are thinking about the option of keeping the remaining ones outside, but I cannot take the risk of the colony redeveloping. We will do whatever is needed to provide a cooperative environment to make it all go well and as fast as possible. One supportive neighbor will inspect the traps, and let you know when there are trapped opossums to get rid of. He will be available after 1 June, so we won't be able to assist in what you need us to do there until then. I had mentioned the SPCA county guy being able to haul the trapped opossums off, but I don't know what his arrangement is for returning the traps, etc. so I'll try to get an update on that. Please us know a rough idea of what this might cost for critter trapping, when you might be able to do it, and what you need us to do so we can make a decision. Thanks for your help, Hal

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